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Take the next step to recycle weft waste

At the end of the insertion, the filling yarn is stretched and guided into a suction mouth. The remaining filling yarn waste ends are then removed and are ready for recycling. An additional advantage of the CordLess is the reduced workload for the weaver, by eliminating catch cords.

Airjet machines need waste lint for removing the filling yarn waste. This requires extra devices, such as an ELSY or harness frames, as well as catchcords  (from flange or horizontal bobbin stand). The waste lint then needs to be guided towards the waste bin by means of hooks and a winding-up device ("pineapple").

  • No more need for catchcords and related catchcord shedding systems (ELSY, frames etc.)
  • No more issues with winding up waste lint (“pineapple”)
  • Clean removal of the insertion ends
  • No more separate stretching device needed
  • Less filling waste in case of elastic yarns
  • Less workload for the weavers
  • Possible to recycle filling material
  • Available on cut reed versions