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BlueTouch display

The highest level of digitization


The 15.6" BlueTouch display is the perfect tool for both handling and visualizing your data. This is clearly illustrated with examples such as the Sensor dashboard and the Logbook functionality.

Full and quick data control at your finger tips


The advanced 15.6" BlueTouch display allows quick access and control of all settings. With features such as Access control, help functionality, and others, the BlueTouch display sets new standards in the market.  

Machine data are handled and displayed according to the requirements of today's users. BlueTouch has a capacitive touchscreen and, similar to a smartphone, you can swipe, scroll, and zoom.
The interface has been completely re-designed, offering a modern look, uniformity in procedures, settings, used symbols, and architecture of the screens. The result is an interface that offers ultimate user-friendliness and intuitive control. 
The BlueTouch display is the most user-friendly machine interface on the market. With the Connect generation, Picanol integrates a lot of new functionalities. 


  • The setting manual is integrated into the display and is customized to the weaving machine. 
  • BlueTouch also offers browser functionality. If the machine is connected to the internet, the user can consult web pages from the machine display, e.g. instructional videos of Picanol machines. 
  • The status bar can be modified and configured to give a personal view.
  • Access Control allows you to customize the accessibility for each individual user. 
  • OptiStyle helps you to find the right settings in case of optimization of the performance of the machine or the quality of the fabric.

With the weaving machines of the Connect generation, a sensor dashboard page and a logbook are introduced on the BlueTouch display. The sensor dashboard makes sure that the main data captured by sensors is easily accessible for the user. To easily keep track of actions performed on the machine or to get an overview of the future to-do list, you can use the logbook functionality. 
The Quadcore 1 GHz processor carries out all calculations in the shortest possible time. Moreover, the BlueTouch display is standard equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC technology.