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The reliable electronic platform, ready for Industry 4.0

The BlueBox electronic platform got an update to enable improved data handling. In combination with the well-known reliability and the new design of the BlueBox, this sets the benchmark for electronic platforms in the market.

Introduced in 2011 and with approximately 50,000 units produced it is still the benchmark.

BlueBox offers the following advantages:



  • State of the art hard- and software.
  • New design of the control box with a new power switch and push buttons with the reliable membrane technology.  The handles of the control box are integrated in the design and the emergency stop button is put on the best reachable position which is on top of the main panel, increasing the safety awareness.
  • Redesigned heat management, for further reduction of the average temperature in the control box 
  • Modular build up prints
  • A robust design making sure that inserting a print can not result in a damaged print. The use of smart components assures the traceability of prints 
  • Detailed information provided to the user, for troubleshooting
  • Customer Service File (CSF). All service-related data in the machine can be made available simply and easily.     
  • Ready for remote connectivity