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Blue prewinders

Manage the filling length to reduce waste

The unique, patented design of the Blue22 and Blue11 prewinders makes adjustment of the waste as quick and simple as possible. And with the EasySet function it is even fully electronic.


For every style, the desired filling length immediately

The unique, patented design of the Blue22 and Blue11 prewinders allows quick and easy setting of the weft length. With the EasySet function, set-up is fully electronic, drastically reducing the time needed for style change. 

The Blue prewinders are the next generation of prewinders for airjet weaving machines. After the introduction of the Blue22 (EasySet), the series has now been completed with the introduction of the Blue11 EasySet which also offers a huge increase in user-friendliness and stability.


  • Improved user-friendliness of prewinder adjustment, fewer settings
  • Reduces style change time
  • Integrated bobbin break sensor
  • Mechanical or electronic (EasySet) adjustment
  • EasySet: better control of filling length (cost)
  • EasySet: Real-time waste length adjustment even during weaving
  • Filling length settings can be transferred to other machines

The Blue22 comes in two variants, the Blue22 and the Blue22 EasySet. The Blue11 EasySet is only available in the EasySet version.

With the Blue22, the time for installation and style change is significantly reduced. Weavers no longer have to adjust every prewinder finger separately, thanks to having a single adjustment for all fingers together.
This ensures that all fingers are automatically positioned in a perfect circular shape, avoiding performance drops due to the non-symmetrical shape after several style changes.

Blue22 EasySet and Blue11 EasySet
The Blue22/Blue11 EasySet allows the length of the filling to be adjusted fully electronically from the machine's terminal without stopping the machine. This provides users with the flexibility of adjusting waste length during production.