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Best performing weft presentation

Weave all kinds of weft yarn with ease


From detection of the filling yarn to the unique QuickStep weft presenter with On-loom Picascope and the various weft cutter systems, everything is designed to handle the widest variety of weft yarns in the smoothest possible way.

The QuickStep filling presenter operates with independent modules, each consisting of an electronically controlled stepper motor with presenter needle. After the left gripper has taken the presented yarn, the QuickStep needle returns to an intermediate position. At a filling break, the needle is presented automatically in the most convenient position for re-threading.

The On-loom Picascope is mounted on the QuickStep. During running of the machine, it works as a strobolum to check the insertion and clamping in the gripper and cutting of the filling. When the machine is stopped, it works as a light, adding extra light in the presentation area. (new on Ultimax & Ultimax Terry)

The SmartEye is a filling detector which is adjustable per channel. This detector allows individual sensitivity setting per eyelet. It can check whether the correct channel has been inserted, and also offers the possibility of increasing the sensitivity of the eyelets for very fine filling.

The Electronic Disc Cutter is a motor-driven circular cutter blade that cuts the yarn when it passes the cutter blade. The simplicity of the EDC design allows easy width changes, and needs no tuning.

The Mechanical filling cutter can handle a wider range of filling yarns and consists of a set of cutter blades, one of which is mechanically driven through a cam mechanism.

SmartCut offers maximum performance combined with extreme versatility. Thanks to its independent drive, the cutting moment can be controlled individually, ensuring faultless insertion with minimum waste.