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Air Tucking-In (ATI) continuous reed

Reach high speeds, even with tucked selvedges

Picanol's air tucker is compatible with both cut and continuous reed executions. Air tuckers can be a value-adding replacement for mechanical tuckers in applications where higher machine speeds can be achieved. 

  • Multi-panel weaving with air-tucked selvedges without cutting the reed 
  • No moving mechanical parts, low maintenance 
  • No speed limitation compared to mechanical tucking-in 
  • No lubrication, no risk of staining the fabric 
  • Available for cut and continuous reed version 
  • Easy conversion from leno to tucker and vice versa 

Switching between tucking-in and leno selvedges is easy, making your looms more flexible and versatile. 

The air tucker uses a suction device to hold the filling end during beat-up, a cutter for constant tip length and an air nozzle to insert the tip of the filling end back into the fabric, guaranteeing a short and smooth selvedge for your airjet or rapier weaving machine. 

Picanol's air tucker is compatible with both cut and continuous reed versions. 

With ATI-TC the same reed can be used for any width of fabric, just by re-positioning the RHS Airtucker. This reduces the stock of expensive profiled reeds drastically. As fewer moving parts are needed as compared to mechanical tuckers, the maintenance is greatly reduced as well. Thanks to the use of a patented temple-blower, the tucked-in end can be positioned in a controlled way against the next pick. In between selvedges can be obtained by simply switching these temple-blowers off.