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15.6" BlueTouch display

The highest level of digitization


The advanced 15.6" interactive color display is a new platform ready for all needs and applications, now and in the future.

Full and quick data control at your finger tips


The advanced 15.6" color display allows quick access and control of all settings. The intuitive interface, on the machine with the highest level of digitization, sets a new benchmark in the market.

Machine data are handled and displayed according to the requirements of today's user. BlueTouch has a capacitive touchscreen and similar as on a smartphone you can swipe, scroll and zoom.
The interface has been completely re-designed, offering a modern look, uniformity in procedures, settings, used symbols and architecture of the screens. The result is an interface which offers ultimate userfriendliness and intuitive control.
Also new on the BlueTouch display is the integration of the setting manual and the taskbar which can be modified and configured to a personal view.
The Quadcore 1 GHz processor carries out all calculations in the shortest possible time. Moreover, the BlueTouch display is standard equipped with WiFi, BlueTooth and NFC- technology.