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Discover the all new OmniPlus-in this spectacular unveiling video.

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Discover our strategy and daily efforts for realizing a more sustainable future

Picanol considers energy efficiency and sustainability to be crucial performance requirements for our weaving machines. Therefore, to mark Earth Day 2021 we would like to put the spotlight on our “Sustainability Inside” design principle, which allows our customers to build sustainable weaving mills that are consciously dealing with energy consumption and waste.

How it works | Digitize the setting of the tension on the prewinders with TED

The Tension display, called TED, visualizes the tension of the brake on the prewinders of rapier weaving machines. Tony Decock (Sales Manager) tells you all about this useful feature that increases the performance of your machines in our video series “How it works”.

Remote assistance thanks to new technologies

Picanol is continuously looking at new ways of supporting our customers worldwide. Nowadays, modern technologies, such as virtual, augmented or mixed reality, are offering tools and possibilities to train and assist our customers – this in a remote and even completely Corona-proof way.

Picanol Group acquires minority stake in Rieter Holding AG

Picanol Group has acquired a minority stake in Rieter Holding AG (SWX: RIEN), amounting to a total of 467,236 shares for a price of 45.4 million EUR (or a price per share of 107.5 CHF). Rieter is the world’s leading supplier of systems for short-staple fiber spinning.

How it works | SmartShed – the smart digital shedding motion

Curious about the advantages of SmartShed, the new Picanol smart digital shedding motion? Our Sales Manager Walter Moens explains them to you in our video topic “How it works?”.

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