P@rtsline Demo


​Fast selection of the different P@rtsline functions.


Acces the Partsline web application via the following URL:
Log in with your personal user name and password.
Remember to change your password after entering the application for the first time.



Overview of your personal data.
To have your personal data updated, please get in contact with your local csr or sales representative.


News & Promotions

Informs you about the newest products and latest promotions


Type a partnumber or a keyword in the search box.
Picanol partnumbers can be the following: BE123456, B 123456, BA123456, N1234567, etc.
Remember to use the wildcard (*) if you don’t have the exact partnumber.
Look up a specific part … click on ‘detail’ and discover …


… specific information as a drawing or picture and stock information


Parts lists

A unique feature -> Managing your own parts lists.
Edit existing parts lists or create a new one…


Create a new parts list :
Search & add partnumbers, change quantities and save your list.
Use the upload functionality to upload your own parts list via an excel file.


Edit an existing parts list. Change quantities, add or remove parts. Save it under the same or another name.


Order / Quotation

Create an order or request a quotation


Review your parts list before definite order or quotation request. You can still add or remove parts or change quantities.


Overview of the shipping details. Check all necessary details before placing your order or requesting the quotation.
You still have the possibility to review your parts list.


Order or quotation receipt message.

When you have placed your order or have requested for a quotation, you will receive a confirmation message with following information :

  • The reference number (SO-number) of your order/quotation.
  • Indication if your order needs intervention from our partsline team.
You will find back your order or quotation in the overview page.



History overview of your requested quotations and orders.
Click on the document icons to open the quotation or order confirmation documents.




Need to have some parts repaired?
You can search for your specific part and add it to a repair list.


Finish your list and send your repair request.


You receive a confirmation with following information.

  • The reference or SO number
  • The RMA number to indicate on your shipment to Picanol



Repair History

An overview of all your repair requests with all necessary information.


Changing your password



Clicking on the help button, opens up a help file which clearly explains you all the different functions of P@rtsLine.